Signature Cakes
Frequently asked questions . . .

Q. How much do your cakes costs?
A. All of our cakes are custom made and consequently unique pieces. We will tailor them entirely to your specifications. For example, should you order a wedding cake and want a different flavored cake for each layer, with a different filling between each . . . no problem. Clearly, because of the individual complexity of each cake, the pricing cannot be standard and is developed as you chose your elements. Therefore, we would ask you to call us at (845) 230-8066, to discuss your needs.

Q. How do we order a cake from you?
A. We would prefer an appointment to meet with you and discuss your “dream” in person. We then follow-up with a sketch, and estimate of the cost, within one (1) week from the meeting. Should you choose to proceed, a “tasting” is scheduled, at which time the final details of the cake should be completed. Thereafter, within ten (10) days, a contract, including “installation” and delivery charges at your event, would be sent for your review. Simply sign the contract, attach a check for payment of a 50% deposit of the agreed charges, and return it to us. The balance would be due in full one (1) week prior to the event date.


Q. Do you ship your cakes?
A. Due to the fragile nature of cakes, they cannot be shipped, only delivered or picked up in person.

Q. How early before the event should I call to order a cake?
A. The longer the lead time the better for you and us. For wedding and other complex special event cakes, we ask for no less than three (3) months, preferably six (6) months to a year.

Q. Do you make cup cake, wedding cakes?
A. Yes, we do. However, with a required minimum of one hundred fifty (150) cup cakes.

Q. How far do you deliver?
A. We will deliver and install our cakes worlwide, however there are additional costs for this service.